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Sweet Knowle Aquatics is a family owned and run business set in the beautiful Warwickshire countryside. We are dedicated to providing top quality fish and plants which has earned us a reputation second to none.

Neon Rosy BarbsWe are proud to offer fish of the highest quality that are all fully quarantined for a minimum of two weeks in our purpose built quarantine facilities. More delicate species (in particular wild-caught fish) are afforded a full acclimatisation period during and after quarantining to ensure that they are not only in the best possible health when offered for sale but that they are also fully adjusted to our water/conditions and equally as important that they are all eating readily and on a variety of foods. Our stingray for example are always quarantined for over six weeks to ensure that they are in good health and are eating heartily before being placed on general sale.

sale tanksOnce quarantined the fish are transferred to our sale aquaria which are maintained to the highest possible standard. With many of our customers commenting that our tanks are the cleanest and our fish the healthiest they have ever seen. We treat every single sale tank with the loving care and attention that you would expect to be given to your own home aquarium.

We import fish from all over the world but also breed a number of species on-site, these have included Discus, Angels, Malawi and Tanganyika Cichlids, Ancistrus, Leporacanthicus Galaxias, Livebearers, Corydoras, Kribensis etc.

We have knowledgeable and dedicated staff ready and willing to give all customers the help, advice and information that they need whether they be complete beginners or advanced aquarists.

We have a wide selection of tropical fish (over 150 tanks) and have recently expanded to include another 30-40 aquariums. These house amongst others at least 20 dedicated Rift Valley Cichlid tanks. We also have an expanding range of coldwater, fancy and pond fish including English bred Japanese Koi.

Waterlily GardenFrom spring to late autumn we open up our two acre waterlily garden which contains hardy waterlilies (over 90 varieties), marginals, other deep water plants and oxygenators. These two acres allow us to grow our own water plants which we offer for sale. The waterlily garden also contains a large number of carp and other pond fish which people can feed (children and adults too absolutely love this) and buy as we breed a number of varieties of pond fish. 

Tropica plantsWe stock a large selection of quality Tropica aquarium plants in three plant cascades ensuring clean and healthy plants which are easy to view.

aquarium showroomWe have a full range of aquariums including Clearseal, Aqua One, Juwel, BiOrb and BiUbe, Ultra Bowl, Fluval or aquariums made to your own individual specifications with over 50 display aquariums on show in the shop.

FREE water testing for both aquarium and pond.

dry goodsDry and frozen foods including San Francisco Bay Brand, Tetra, Hikari, Improvit, BCUK, Sera and Nutrafin.

dry goodsAn expanding range of filters, pumps, lighting, heating, spares, accessories, treatments, test kits, ornaments and other aquarium decor, books........

pond pumps etcPond pumps, UV's, filters, liners, pre-formed ponds..........                                                                                       

Wild bird foodLarge selection of Wild Bird foods and accessories including nest boxes, bird tables, feeders.